How Do You Get Boils?

Those who suffer from boils ask the question, how do you get boils in an attempt to understand their origin and how to get rid of them. Boils are painful puss filled bumps that can be located anywhere on the human body. In gaining the necessary information one needs in order to understand what causes boils, one can also obtain the needed information in order to prevent them from spreading and recurring. There are many simple things that can be done in order to keep these bumps from getting worse.

Many types of boils exist. They can be from the top of one’s head to the bottom of their feet. Boils do tend to clear up on their own most of the time. Although, there are instances when the boils does not go away. One should then consult with their physician in order to have the boil lanced so that it will not cause scarring on the skin. How do you get boils can be caused by two main factors. These are staph bacteria and toxic conditions of the blood stream. Neither of these factors will cause death as long as the boil is kept under control.

How do you get boils when they are staph related? Simple. Staph is present on our skin. When the skin becomes cut or scraped the staph enters under the skin. When this occurs the body releases a series of white blood cells in order to fight the bacteria. This will then cause bubbles, or boils to appear on the skin. These bubbles then fill with the old white blood cells and the dead skin from the body attempting to kill off the bacteria. These boils then fill with pus in an attempt to dispose of the dead skin and old blood cells.

The other main cause of boils is when toxins flood the body. How do you get boils from these toxins is that the individual’s system becomes unstable or devitalized. This means that the levels of toxins from poor diet, lack of excersize, alcohol or drugs builds up and then takes over the blood stream. The body then becomes a danger to itself and boils form in the fight for the body to restabilize itself. The natural functions of the body attempt to expel the toxins result in some of the excess forming legions or boils upon the skin.


Finally, there are many common causes of boils. Acne is a very common cause that almost everyone suffers from at some point in time. These boils are caused by blocked pores. As the individual sweats, sometimes the pores becomes clogged with too much sweat, dirt, and old skin. This then cause irritation in the pores and a pimple forms. Some other common causes for boils are pollution, ingrown hairs and even being too overweight. As the body fights to function properly toxins will increase and the result will be boils. How do you get boils is a matter of determining which or what factors are at the root cause of the body malfunctions.